Web Site Manager Advanced Features

How does myWebFront Web Site Manager make it easier for you to create a business web site? Take a look at the advanced features described below and try for yourself and see!


Demonstration Sites

Do you want to see some of these features such as eCommerce, RSS news feeds, and discussion boards in action? 

Please see the following Demonstration Sites built using Web Site Manager*:


*Will open in a new window.  Please ensure pop-up blockers allow these windows to open.


Edit Your Pages - No Technical Skills Required

You can make changes to your site content through your internet browser anytime, anywhere.  myWebFront Web Site Manager's easy to use interface lets non-technical users to manage their site.  Advanced features include:

  • Set content to be published for a certain date (i.e. sale item, announcements)
  • Set certain pages to be viewable only by site members

To see how easy it is to modify content using Web Site Manager, see demos.


Enable eCommerce on Your Site

Sell your merchandise or services from your web site.  Accept major credit cards using the myWebFront eCommerce Payment Module.  Define up to 2 product options per item you sell (size, color, etc.).  Shopping cart or "buy now" functionality.

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Rich Content Types

Your web site can have more than just articles and items for sale.  Web Site Manager includes several rich content types that you can place on your site pages to make your site more engaging:

  • Photo Galleries
  • Polls
  • News Listings
  • Article Rotator
  • RSS Feed
  • ...

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"Paint" Your Pages

Web Site Manager offers the most flexible layout design capability around.  Display your site content in multiple rows, and multiple columns.  Layout each page of your site differently.

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Fully Customizable Templates

Select from over 25 starting point design templates. 

Template patterns are available for corporate, eCommerce, retail, and organizations as well as many other web site types.  All templates are fully customizable allowing you to custimize the colors, images, fonts and layout to your needs.

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Discussion Boards

Add discussion boards to your web site.  Any article or item that you put for sale can have a discussion board associated with it.  You can define discussions so that only site members can participate in the board.  This may be useful if you are trying to increase your site membership or want to restrict content to site members only.

Site members can also subscribe to discussion boards and thus get notified whenever a new posting has been made to the board.

An example use of discussion boards would be to build a blog site that allowed site visitors to participate in the blog by entering comments to articles you create.


Site Membership

Allow your site users to become "members" of your site. 

You can define some content to be only available to members of your site while other content can be available to all visitors. 

See demo.


Site Marketing Analysis

Get both summary and detailed tracking of how often users are visiting your site, what content are they looking for, etc.  Also view how users found your site via Internet search engines such as Google or Yahoo.  Tailor your web site marketing based on user trends.

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Multi-Level Tree Control and Drop Down Menu Navigation

Web Site Manager allows you to define an organization structure of your site pages in a tree or hierarchical fashion.  User navigation controls automatically display your site structure in the the tree control and drop-down menus.

Select a plan that fits your needs and sign up today!

The Starter Plan includes the following features: 

  • Up to 12 site pages
  • Up to 40 site articles or items to sell*
  • 25+ design templates
  • Summary visit log
  • Photo galleries
  • More information 



    The Intermediate Plan includes the following features:

  • Up to 25 site pages
  • Up to 120 site articles or items to sell*
  • 25+ design templates
  • Site marketing analysis log
  • User membership
  • More information

    $34.99/moSpecial $29.99/mo until 1/31


    The Advanced Plan includes the following features:

  • Up to 40 site pages
  • Up to 200 site articles or items to sell*
  • 25+ design templates
  • Site marketing analysis log
  • Discussion boards
  • More Information


    *With purchase of eCommerce Payment Module add-on