With myWebFront Web Site Manager you have the option to select from several pre-built rich content types or "gadgets" to use on your pages. 

The following is a description of some of these rich content types:


Article gadget
This gadget is the most used gadget as it is used to display articles throughout the site. 

Articles can have an associated image and attachment.  An article can also have a publication date that the system uses to automatically display or remove an article based on the current date.  Articles can be set to be viewable by all site visitors or members only.


Poll gadget
Web Site Manager allows the site owner to create user polls that can then be displayed throughout the site pages using the Poll gadget.  Users can respond to the polls and view the graphical results.

News Listing Gadget
This gadget lists the latest news created by the site administrators.  This gadget can be configured in several different ways, such as setting how many items to list, how to sort the items, and what attributes to display (short description, title, etc.)

Section Catalog Listing
This gadget lists the catalog items that are available for sale for a particular section (i.e. Outdoor Furniture, etc) of the site. 

This gadget is automatically configured to connect to the eCommerce Payment Module.


RSS 2.0 Syndicated Content
Show syndicated content from other RSS news and information providers such as Yahoo and CNN.


Catalog Item
This gadget displays items that are available for sale on the site. 

This gadget is automatically configured to connect with the eCommerce Payment Module to provide commerce functionality such as adding the item to the shopping cart and selecting from available product options.


Site map
This gadget is used to display the site navigation as defined by the site administrator.  This gadget can support an unlimited depth of site section levels.

A site administrator can easily add, remove and re-organize the structure of a site that the site map gadget automatically displays.


Membership Gadget
This gadget is used for sites that have user memberships.  This gadget provides different options to the user depending on their access level.

With site membership, administrators can create content that is only viewable to members of the site.

Search Gadget
This gadget allows a user to type in a term to search for content within the site.  The search results page also allows the user to specify advanced search options such as searching for content within a specific section of the site.

Article Rotator
The article rotator randomly selects from the articles you define on your site.  The rotator can be used to display customer testimonials, advertisements, etc.